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2 Oct

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Barry Barrientos


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-September 25, 2010 – The 3-day Unilab Ideas Positive: Youth Camp for Change has culminated with the proposal defense of the five finalists.

-Contest for a Cause: 21 participants were required to submit a video and a social marketing proposal attending to a health and wellness problem for a community of their choice.

-The five finalists

*The PET Society: Adopt-a-PET from UP Diliman

*SERVE: Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Inisyatibo , Layunin at Adbokasiyang      Pangkalusugan Brgy   Sta.  Mercedes,  Maragondon, Cavite (UNILAB) ; Bubutika Project from De La Salle University Dasmarinas

*UB and G: May Papel Ako from UP Diliman

*CLPH: Mamayang Ayaw sa Dengue (MAD) from University of Sto. Tomas

*Team BIGGKAS: Buklod Bukid Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope from University of Asia and the Pacific

-The winners

*Runner Ups, UB and G and CLPH received P 10, 000 and iPod shuffle for each   member.

*Grand Winner, Team BIGGKAS received P100, 000 seed money for the project implementation and 3-day trip to Boracay for the members.


“Always start with the end result to be sure that you are clear about the goal, then work backwards to get there.”
-Dr Eduardo Morato, Jr, ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation President

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”
-Mr Alberto Manlapit, UNILAB Corporate Affairs Director



The poster that kept us wondering.

Unilab Ideas Positive Logo

Hosts: Riki Flores and Job de Leon

The distinguished board of judges: Dr Tinio, Dr. Nina Gloriani, Dr. Ed Morato Jr, Mark Ruiz, Randy Aquino, Bert Manlapit

Adopt-a-PET (UP Diliman)

Sa UNILAB, Bubuti Ka (DLSU-Dasma)

Mamamayang Ayaw sa Dengue (UST) - Runner Up

May Papel Ako (UP Diliman) - Runner Up

Team BIGGKAS (UA&P) - Grand Winner

Social Media Release: Unilab Ideas Positive

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Contact Information

Barry Barrientos


News Facts

July 2010, Ideas Positive: The Unilab Youth Camp for Change was launched.
21 participants were required to submit a video and a project proposal attending to a health and wellness problem for a community of their choice.
The five finalists
o    The Pet Society: Adopt-a-PET from UP Diliman
o    SERVE: Bubutika Project from De La Salle University Dasmarinas
o    UB and G: May Papel Ako from UP Diliman
o    CLPH: Mamayang Ayaw sa Dengue from University of Sto. Tomas
o    Team BIGGKAS: Buklod Bukid Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope from University of Asia and the Pacific
The winners
o    Runner Ups, UB and G and CLPH received P 10, 000 and iPod shuffle for each member.
o    Grand Winner, Team BIGGKAS received P100, 000 seed money for the project implementation and 3-day trip to Boracay for the members.



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Make or Break

25 Sep

This is my make or break entry. Mainly because of two reasons: 1) either I make it and finish this on time or not.. (looks at the clock) and 2) if I will still continue keeping this blog or not.

Hmm I suggest we discuss the second reason. This is my first ever blog because I do not count Multiply Blog feature as a serious blog platform. This is also my first set of serious ( I believe) blog entries. Most of my entries in Multiply are products of bandwagon and my young mind. I actually said to myself when I created this account that I will not continue this after the semester ends. But I am definitely open for the possibility of maintaining it. WordPress is the only blog site  I am comfortable in using and if ever there are note-worthy (translates to blog-worthy) thoughts in my head, I can easily type them away. Also, I believe that I cannot maintain any sort of diary. My diary usually lasts from six months to a year so it would be nice if I can maintain an online diary (oh yes, privacy settings will be very much customized for my dangerous posts :P). Blogging actually helps me express myself in a more organized manner (which I assume I have to credit to my blogging once a week supposedly :P). Writing blog entries also informed me of some topics I would not learn just by curiosity. It opened me the world of new social media which is very much helpful to learn about because I will be soon joining an organization which, according to statistics, might be taking social media seriously thus be needing my knowledge on it. Also, statistics shows that majority of a population is now wired and connected to the Internet. Might as well join the club and contribute to online trash. Kidding! 😛  Seriously, with the mature mind I have now (translates to right at this moment which may change minutes after :P), I’m thinking of developing my online imprint, my mark in the WWW. Awww.

Make it or break it, I can proudly say that blogging provided me with learning  that I may not learn in the four walls of our classroom. This has affected my lifestyle and I would like to believe that it influenced me in a good way. Though I might be cursing everytime I remember my backlogs (which are now zero :D), I admit that I feel great after hitting that publish button (specifically for 16 times as of the moment). It depends on my sleep tonight or on my mood or on my parent’s decision to buy me a laptop (translates to a lot of factors) if I will be hitting that Publish button again. Haha! 😀

See you when I see you! 😀

No secret is safe.

25 Sep

No secret is  safe is Globe Tattoo’ tagline for their new promo. One can now have 1-day unlimited surfing with only P50! Cheap right? 😉

With the need for technology during this time, many are making ways to get connected to the World Wide Web. We are fortunate enough that telecommunications company are providing us ways to get wired with just a few bucks. Having a computer and getting connected is now a demand for almost everybody, thus, corporations (happy corporations, I believe) keep on innovating and offering promos that are pocket-friendly.

Here in our country, the lowest amount of unlimited surfing for a day costs P50. Of course, you have to buy that little modem/usb which costs at around P1000. There are also cheap postpaid plans, like my family uses unlimited surfing for only P999 a month. Plus, there are still online cafe which offers internet surfing for around P15 per hour. Oh and don”t forget the free wifi spots! 😛

With the affordability of Internet connection, people are more equipped to do anything they want in the WWW.

SEND. Sending messages (in whatever ways possible) is suuuuuper easy. Since there are a lot of free e-mail services and messengers, social networking sites, blogs, microblogs etc.

FORWARD. Forwarding content online is as swift as a click. Sending and receiving messages is easy so as forwarding it. Makes sense? 😛

SHARE. Almost everything online is open to the public. Thus, privacy settings are invented! But sadly, not all human beings remember its use and we can quote a lot of people who have been “victims” of privacy-settings-went-wrong. Since anything can be sent, received, forwarded and shared, NO SECRET IS SAFE. And with the affordability of Internet connection, the use of it lies in our hands, so we better be a hell of a geek in using it. We are still the ones who can control the content online so think a million times first before signing up or publishing any material. Better protect your (dirty little) secrets! 😛

A whole new world…

25 Sep

the world wide web is. And, Disney was able to see it and actually use it to promote their new campaign. Story here.

“Let the Memories Begin” is their recent campaign in which families and friends can post their photos and videos using social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Youtube. Disney then will collect these and give people the opportunity to re-live their holiday memories in Disneyland. As to how, we have to wait and see but this sounds exciting and cool. Right? 😀

Currently, photos are also displayed in Disney World, Orlando.

I actually applaud Disney for seeing the advantages of social media to their company. It is actually a fact that not all companies are comfortable in using the new technology and the Internet in their projects. Even though we think that the Internet is in full bloom now, there are still people (even organizations) who choose not to use it. This is a fact that some of us tend to forget. Although it seems that the world is smaller now and everyone is connected with everybody, there is still a minor percentage of people who are unwired and not connected to the WWW.

In our region, only 50% use social media platforms.

See full presentation (which means interesting statistics) here.

This only implies that when we have a plan in mind, we should identify and profile the audience. Social media is good but we should be able to use it in a way that it will help us and not give us headache.

If you own a company, would you use new social media for your projects? I will be happy to discuss our answers. 😀

Hello Jumo!

25 Sep

It was year 2007 when the co-founder of Facebook decided to leave the now successful SNS and work for the now president of America.

Meet our friend, Chris Hughes.

The man right above, Chris Hughes, was assigned to help Obama’s campaign through new social media. Obviously, we now know the result of online campaign of President Obama.

2010, Chris built a new social networking site called JUMO.

Coming soon!

Jumo, apparently is a “social network to connect people who want to change the world.”

According to an interview with Chris, he wanted to use the Internet in a more meaningful way to facilitate action for the betterment of our world.

“We’re missing a fundamentally important technology that connects passionate people to the right organizations working for global change in a sustainable, long-term, and results-oriented way. That’s the gap that I want to fill,” said Chris.

He will fill that gap through Jumo which will unite all change makers in one SNS. Here we are again with a new social networking site, what’s next? I just wish that Jumo will achieve its purpose and wouldn’t be like another fad people will join in.

Jumo, or the use of social media for promoting common good and social , has been proven to initiate the “talking” about the issues or challenges we are facing but do online social groups take the talk to the real world? Do they take real action beyond those computers? I certainly hope that this Jumo or the next online social tool will facilitate action that will really help the world, the REAL world.

Online organizing starts with the message just like a conversation. People have to understand the cause of the project and the organizers must be able to reach the target audience and send the key message through a medium where action will be generated. There are many efforts to help the earth or change the world but what must we engage in is a project, no matter what medium, that will sustainably generate action from the people. We must be able to invest in good projects and use strategically the technology we have now to offer good for the greater people or hopefully, for our planet.

I hope Jumo understand this. 😛 Have you visited it already? Tell me what you think friends. 🙂

That girl with the 21,000 RSVP

24 Sep

This is not really an alarming case if that girl is really rich, famous and is throwing a really big, big party. But obviously, this is not the case. This is actually a case of stupidity, well a minor case of stupidity. 😛

See that? PUBLIC EVENT. 😐

Facebook events are not set to private by default. Sadly this is not known by the 15 year old Rebecca Javeleau. She forgot to tick that private box. Apparently, that small tick will create a huge rage. Literally, people were raging to find that girl’s house and crash her 15th birthday party.

Here’s the story. She created an event in her Facebook account and invited around 15 friends to her party. She included their home address but she forgot to make the event PRIVATE. Again, this is some case of forgotten/misunderstood privacy settings. Since her event was public, the public thought that they were very much welcome to attend. Hence the 21,000 RSVP. Rebecca’s mother prohibited her daughter from using the computer and the Internet and even had her cellphone number changed. The party was cancelled too for the fear of 21,000 strangers crashing in their sweet little home. There are also some “A-list stars” who said “I’m attending” to her event like Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, Susan Boyle etc. The mother also sought help from the police to control the crowd that might still come to their house on October 7. Police can really help them since other events were also created which are very alarming like a fan page “I Was Part Of The 7.10.10 FB takeover of Rebecca Javeleau’s Flat Party” which has more than 250 fans.

In this kind of situation, an Internet user must be very knowledgeable in using it since almost all websites are open to the public. Although the kid’s mother said that Facebook could’ve helped them control the guest list, Facebook, for me, has no fault in this because it is clear that Facebook is set to public by default and there are also privacy settings which a user can customize.

That girl learned her lesson, to manage your privacy settings, the hard way. Good luck to your sweet sixteen! 😛

See the full story here.

Because this is for a good cause…

23 Sep

Spreading a virus is bad but something can be viral and yet still be good. 😉

This is what I learned from our project in school. We were tasked to make a viral video for a Non-Government Organization. Actually, this is the second viral video requirement. The first one just had to be viral, the topic may be anything the group wants. We made a video about condoms, yes condoms, lots of it. 😛 And, we spread it like wild fire among our contacts online. Sadly, viral videos should always reach the target audience, at least for Organizational Communication practitioners. 😛 We redeemed ourselves with our second video and it’s actually a more meaningful viral video.

Presenting our group’s Batang si Nena video.

This video might be cute but it actually sends us a serious message which ECPAT (End Child Prostitution Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) is advocating for. ECPAT, which also suggests by its name, is an organization fighting against traffickers of children for sexual purposes. ECPAT has a representative here in our country and we decided to contact them to help them with their advocacy to create awareness on child trafficking.

We had fun making the video and we were even happier when we were able to incorporate ECPAT’s message in our video. We also promoted it among college students which are the target audience of this video and the results made us the happiest. People were very open to spread the video to also spread the story of Nena ( a child who’s a victim of child prostitution in our story). They give positive remarks like we should continue with our work to help children. Our group was very happy because our message was sent to more than 1000 people and we believe that spreading the awareness on this issue is already a big help for ECPAT and for the child victims. See, it is viral but it is for a good cause. 😉

Again, the Internet can be very helpful to private organizations but it can also help NGOs just with a key message , a viral (strategic) medium, and targeted audience. 🙂

The Internet may have its negative side but WE CAN manipulate it and turn it to something good. Yes? Yes! 🙂

Go help an NGO now and make a viral video with your friends. 😉

Let’s get physical…online!

23 Sep

I am not a health-conscious person. I don’t have the healthiest diet or lifestyle. But we can live a healthier life through (nope, I’m not promoting any product here :P)!

I came across this website while reading the newspaper and it inspired me to write a blog entry for it. I actually find the name of the website interesting because it made me think if highblood has different nationalities. 😛 It kind of wow-ed me also because Pinoys are sort of uniting to fight highblood! \m/ is Pinoy’s knowledge resource about highblood pressure and we must take note that it is an online resource! It is the first website on hypertension for Filipinos. It gives us the facts about hypertension, how to prevent it, how to treat it and a whole lot more. The website actually offers a lot, like:

A quiz to determine your risk of having hypertension.

Care to share your score?

Blogs and articles about high blood pressure.

Some meaty articles. 😀

Updates and events.

To keep us updated. 🙂

Newsletter which we can subscribe to.

Hit that sumit button!

An online record of your blood pressure.

This is just so cool. 😀

A link to Philippine Heart Association Forum.

And of course a link to its Facebook account.

I love the people who put up this website because definitely they made learning about hypertension less boring and serious and made it easy and interactive instead. They absolutely saw the need to reinvent the medium to communicate serious messages like this especially during these times when everyone goes to the World Wide Web for almost everything. They just had to take advantage of it to be able to help our countrymen. Using the Internet to inform people about serious stuff should be done strategically to achieve great effects. Websites must be designed appropriately and messages should be crafted targeted to its audience. Also, the thing about maintaining a website must always be kept in mind.

Learning about hypertension, and hopefully about other stuff as well, is now made easy and less technical. Even I had fun in exploring 😀

“It is important that we take advantage of the power of the latest technology like the Internet to be able to reach out to Filipino patients here and abroad,” Reynaldo Neri said, chairman of the PHA- Council on Hypertension.

This statement just makes me happy knowing that other people also see the value of Internet. I just really wish that more websites like this and more mindset like Neri’s would come out to help give better lives for those in need. 🙂

SC tries to be IN

22 Sep

A lot of our government departments and agencies are now going online to faster and better serve us and the Supreme Court didn’t let them to be the last to join the frenzy.

Chief Justice Renato Corona initiated the opening of Supreme Court’s two online accounts: Twitter (@KorteSuprema) and Facebook( Supreme Court of the Philippines). Objective of this action is to bring the Institution closer to the Filipinos. According to Court Administrator and spokesman Midas Marquez, the two social networking accounts will be regularly updated with the programs and recent happenings and events related to SC. Also, SC lets our countrymen to share our comments, opinions and complaints through these SNS accounts.

The Supreme Court already has their website where decisions, press releases and speeches of the chief justice are released.

“It’s to bring the Court closer to the people and give them real-time news updates on Supreme Court decisions, programs and projects. They’re free to do what they want to do. We take everything constructively.” said Marquez.

This action of the Supreme Court reminds of how the feedback mechanism works. Feedback is very important in any/every organization. This is to gain another perspective (more importantly the stakeholder’s perspective) on the happenings, recent programs or news of the organization. This also elicits conversation which is always wanted by a customer or consumer from the company. Feedback is very important in developing the current situation of an organization since the stakeholders can voice out the things they want to see, happen or get from the company. Though, it should not stop from getting feedback, the organizations must be able to act and manage them. Managing and choosing the feedback which needs to be concretized must be done so as to protect and better serve the company. After managing, the company then should be able to act on it fast so as to make the stakeholders feel that they are being valued and that their concerns/voices are heard.

The two new SNS accounts of the Supreme Court is a good start but they should be able to maintain it to continuously serve the people. Getting feedback from the people is nice but SC should be able to manage and act on it. We better keep an eye on it. SC, we are watching. 😛


As I was editing this entry, I searched for the twitter account of SC but twitter says,

looks like SC's having some maintenance problems :/

Uh-oh. We busted you too soon, SC.  Better act on it now and keep your promise of regular updates. 😐

Artwine’s new buzz! – social media release

28 Aug

Contact Information

Beam Mariano
+63917 4292684
02 556 4655

Artwine is now accepting orders for laptop cozy!

Artwine is now formally accepting orders for customized laptop cases.

Laptops can now be as personalized as ever with the laptop cases made from felt, cloth lining, foam and your design!
Just send an email with the following details:
* laptop dimensions
* preferred colors
* preferred pattern: stripes, polka dots, floral, plain

All about ARTWINE
– Artwine, founded in 2007, is an online store that crafts, designs, makes beautiful
accesories like pouches, shirts, patches, brooches, headbands, giveaways and now laptop cases from felt cloth.
– Artwine was started by a couple, Beam Mariano and Jason Confesora as a creative escape from their busy digital world. Both are graduates of MultiMedia Arts in DLS-CSB.
– Artwine is now managed by Beam, who takes care of the design and Hershey Chan who takes care of the business aspects. Jason is still active in Artwine as a design

From the Founder

We’ve heard “CUTE!” so many times already that I think we’re worthy of winning a sort of Guinness Record for Cutest Thing! I would like Artwine to be a source of joy to our customers and a spring of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs!”
– Beam


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Artwine – Social Media Release (in a more organized and creative way) 😛

Artwine's new buzz!