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26 Jun

It was Wednesday night when I received a text message from my classmate, Angel.

“Patti! Nakita ko na yung poster! Nice! Online ka ba?

Pwede pa-upload sa FB tas pa-tag na din ng mga tao? Thanks! 🙂

Honestly, at that moment it was a normal message from people my age involved in lots of stuff like school organizations or just academic groups. After doing my tasks, I tried to read the words again, I thought to myself, “Automatic na talaga pag nagppromote ng event may poster sa fb. (It’s now really a-must to use Facebook to promote your event.)” And then I said to myself, “Mmmm pwede ko ‘to sama sa post ko :> (I could include this in my next post.)” What makes this action normal now? (And by action, I mean the promotion of events through Facebook and not the talking to yourself, because that would be weird. :|)

If you may notice, I had to reread the words in the text message to realize those thoughts. This could also be one of the proofs that the use of new social media is now embedded in our day-to-day actions, so much that we tend to become unaware of their existence. Well, after acknowledging their existence in our lives and in my post too, I will try to zoom in to the existence of new social media in my school organization, Up AdHere. As part of the marketing and publicity committee for our orientation/seminar on Tuesday, I gracefully welcome and appreciate the existence and help of Facebook for our event’s promotion. Now, why Facebook? W e decided to create a Facebook account for our organization because…

Numbers can’t lie, and it does show that Facebook has more than 400 million active users. That IS A LOT huh? According to Philippines Facebook Statistics, there are 14 188 080 users on Facebook in the Philippines. Now hold on as I continue to build my point 😉

42%, the largest percentage of the Filipino Facebook users belong to my age group, 18-24. Those numbers make up the first reason why we have a FB account now, basically because almost all of our members have Facebook accounts too. 🙂

The pie chart up there from comScore just proves that Facebook is the most visited social networking site, thus our members do not only have accounts but they do use it/ log on to it most of the time. This will surely won’t make them miss out our announcement and events. Yay! 😀

Now, let me ask you a serious question. What are the best things in life?

Forgive me for the pixelated-makes-you-dizzy picture 😦

Well, Facebook is free if you have an internet connection 😉 That would be less expense and worry for our VP for Finance. 😀

You see, one just have to and a specific medium to to your loved ones, as for this case, AdHere’s members. 🙂

Have a happy weekend everyone! 🙂


Continue to next level? Yes.

19 Jun

My sister and I once got addicted…

Before you raise your eyebrow, let me finish my sentence. My sister and I once got addicted to playing Hotdog Bush. It is a game where you get to run your own hotdog stand. Just like most games, it starts with level one. Level one is easy, we all know that. It is testing whether you will click that X up there or stay and continue on to level 2. Well, it is obvious that we continued to level 2 and the level after that and the next and the next until we finally finished it in one day.

As I have observed, there are actually many things that have levels. From wholesome structures and buildings, to the not-so-wholesome stuff you are thinking right now. :p Let’s try to be decent and wholesome in this one, zoom in to the levels or rather the evolution of the Internet. Look back to level 1 of the Internet Age. Obscure = Internet. Level 1 was not easy since Internet and computers were exclusive only for researchers and IT experts. In short it was not for public consumption. People were all trying to figure out what does it do, how can it help them and then queries just keep coming.

Curiosity made people to stay on the Internet page and went on to the next levels as well. I don’t really know what level are we now in the Internet but I’m sure we are not here if we were not satisfied in the previous levels. This is to say that we got something from it that made us stay. Let me share you my own list of the things I love about the Internet. This could also be the list of the reasons why I got addicted to it. 😛

For one, everybody uses it, why not join the bandwagon?

Second, it is so helpful for me. One click and then I get to read my book for my homework but I’d rather do another click to log in to my facebook account. 😛

That is my third reason; it keeps me entertained when a 24-hour day seems like a 100-hr boring day.

Lastly, it connects me to the world.

I think these reasons are also the very reasons of other people why they use the Internet. The basic actions we do are made easy and fast by the Internet and who wouldn’t want that? Bill Gates was right when he said in his essay, Shaping the Internet Age, that in the future, the Internet will have an even more profound effect on the way we work, live and learn.  It is now embedded in our everyday doings.

Even if we are enjoying the benefits of the Internet , we are exposed to its flaws. We should not worry though for Bill Gates said himself that in the coming years we will figure out the solutions to these also with the help of the Internet. So I say, stay on to this page and continue to the next level! Game? Game. 😀

Click here to play

19 Jun

Games will always be connected to the words children, childhood and fun.

But to tell you honestly I didn’t really had much fun during my childhood.

My childhood was kinda boring. I was not allowed to go out to play, well it’s not like I had playmates or friends in our neighborhood.  To add, my sisters are way older to play with me. Hello ten-year gap! So I was stuck at home with the toys handed down by my sisters.  It was boring and incomplete if I may say so. I guess this is the reason why I still love playing. Do not get me wrong though, I am not playing with dolls, balls and cars anymore. I play different games now. Thanks to the Internet, I can play online games like Moshi monsters, hotdog bush and visit online game sites like and These two websites are my favorites because of their cute characters and background music and its long list of games varying from different genre.

Games are usually composed of goals, rules, challenges and interaction and generally involve mental or physical stimulation, and often both. This is according to Chris Crawford’s book, Chris Crawford on Game Design. These characteristics will also be evident in the game I will try to play this time, the game of New Social Media. New social media has its goals for sure and which I am to discover. It stays alive because of its rules and the different interaction of its players. This game also poses challenges. And, new social media must of course involve mental and physical stimulation.  You see it’s very much like a game! I will play this game. I will not expect to win every time though, I must also experience to lose for me to learn. For in this game, I will play to learn.

This is now my cue to explain the reason behind the name of my website. Gameplay according to Staffan Bjork and Jussi Holopainen in their book Patterns in Game Design, is the structures of player interaction with the game system and with other players in the game. Gameplay involves the experiences of the player during the game. This definition just suits my purpose to keep a blog to write down my learnings and experiences in playing the Game of New Social Media.

Game face ON.  :p