26 Jun

It was Wednesday night when I received a text message from my classmate, Angel.

“Patti! Nakita ko na yung poster! Nice! Online ka ba?

Pwede pa-upload sa FB tas pa-tag na din ng mga tao? Thanks! 🙂

Honestly, at that moment it was a normal message from people my age involved in lots of stuff like school organizations or just academic groups. After doing my tasks, I tried to read the words again, I thought to myself, “Automatic na talaga pag nagppromote ng event may poster sa fb. (It’s now really a-must to use Facebook to promote your event.)” And then I said to myself, “Mmmm pwede ko ‘to sama sa post ko :> (I could include this in my next post.)” What makes this action normal now? (And by action, I mean the promotion of events through Facebook and not the talking to yourself, because that would be weird. :|)

If you may notice, I had to reread the words in the text message to realize those thoughts. This could also be one of the proofs that the use of new social media is now embedded in our day-to-day actions, so much that we tend to become unaware of their existence. Well, after acknowledging their existence in our lives and in my post too, I will try to zoom in to the existence of new social media in my school organization, Up AdHere. As part of the marketing and publicity committee for our orientation/seminar on Tuesday, I gracefully welcome and appreciate the existence and help of Facebook for our event’s promotion. Now, why Facebook? W e decided to create a Facebook account for our organization because…

Numbers can’t lie, and it does show that Facebook has more than 400 million active users. That IS A LOT huh? According to Philippines Facebook Statistics, there are 14 188 080 users on Facebook in the Philippines. Now hold on as I continue to build my point 😉

42%, the largest percentage of the Filipino Facebook users belong to my age group, 18-24. Those numbers make up the first reason why we have a FB account now, basically because almost all of our members have Facebook accounts too. 🙂

The pie chart up there from comScore just proves that Facebook is the most visited social networking site, thus our members do not only have accounts but they do use it/ log on to it most of the time. This will surely won’t make them miss out our announcement and events. Yay! 😀

Now, let me ask you a serious question. What are the best things in life?

Forgive me for the pixelated-makes-you-dizzy picture 😦

Well, Facebook is free if you have an internet connection 😉 That would be less expense and worry for our VP for Finance. 😀

You see, one just have to and a specific medium to to your loved ones, as for this case, AdHere’s members. 🙂

Have a happy weekend everyone! 🙂


10 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. starrylines June 27, 2010 at 12:35 am #

    hi patty! 🙂 indeed, facebook is a huge help for people like you who play important roles in, say, promotion of your org’s events. Yes, it’s a wise use of resources, especially when we’re using it for important and significant matters like that. 😀 Nice post! And God bless for your event on Tue! 🙂

    • patpetpitpotput June 27, 2010 at 6:35 am #

      Aww thanks sharyl! 😀 You should come.

      Yup, I agree. But we should be wise also even if we are just using Facebook for fun and entertainment. Right? 🙂

      • starrylines July 9, 2010 at 8:27 am #

        right! 😉

  2. blahblahblogsheet June 27, 2010 at 3:52 am #

    I think Facebook already replaced the good old group message (in mobiles) that we used in the earlier years. I believe that facebook connects us to the people from other courses in our UPM community. That is why if we wanted them to take part of our org events, the easiest way to get them informed is through facebook. And that’s what happening, yes?

    • patpetpitpotput June 27, 2010 at 6:37 am #

      Yes, it certainly is!The numbers are enough to convince us that Facebook can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere 😉

      Gem, you should come on Tuesday! 🙂

  3. Gel June 27, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    Thank you for promoting my text message. You are indeed a very efficient marketing & promotions officer! Hahaha.

    And thanks too for mentioning our event on Tuesday, subtle but sweet! 😀

    Facebook is a gift. It’s for organizations, for brands, for communities, for lonely people, for singles! Anyway…

    What makes promoting through Facebook better is that you are sure people will see your poster whether they like it or not. They can like it, comment on it, ask questions about it. Most inquiries about applying in AdHere are sent through Facebook. PLUS, they not only see the poster, but they can surf status updates, pictures from past events – making know about the organization more. 🙂

    We’ll make Tuesday happy! Let’s go! 🙂

    • patpetpitpotput June 27, 2010 at 8:46 am #

      You’re welcome! 😀

      Yeah, they don’t really have a choice. They will see our posters, events etc. no matter what (since they’ve also added us as their friend in the first place. Hoho ;)).

      Yup! Good Vibes for Tuesday and Wednesday (for me and someone <3)

  4. Marj Casal June 27, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    Was that my poster? Then I was covertly promoted, too! Haha. 🙂

    The past two posts I commented on (Ellis’ and Sharyl’s) was also about Facebook. Ellis having a similar topic as mine (about Fan pages) and Sharyl talking about her not having a Facebook.(Thank here because the reason I landed to your page because I saw you on her comments page and I found your username cute!)

    This is just an obvious proof that we are so inclined to FB that we can write a blog about it without talking about the exact same thing! (I also saw Gem’s blog was about Facebook, too.) I wonder how many else from our batchmates wrote about Facebook.

    My comment on Sharyl’s post just included the FB jargon ‘tag’. Since now I know that she doesn’t have an FB account, I had to explain it to her in plain English. But for us Facebook addicts, like you said it has become part of our lives and we don’t even notice when we start talking the FB language. Maybe Sharyl can tell. 🙂

    And as for adhere and other orgs, you’re right that FB has made us very convenient for us to promote our events by just uploading the posters and tagging. Especially for those orgs with little budget, they can just ask UP AdHere to design their posters for FREE and just put it on Facebook and tag people. (Like what Ellis did for ‘How was your summer?’ ? Hehe.) No need to print it out. People won’t even get lost in the pool of posters if it was just posted in the walls of UPM because the student will be specifically directed to it if he/she is tagged.

    The bad thing is, sometimes the quality of the design is jeopardized when it is just uploaded online. We can’t have the same appreciation once it is printed out (speaking from a designer’s point of view. Hehe.)

    That’s all! Thank you! Hehe.

    • starrylines July 9, 2010 at 8:39 am #

      Marj! I don’t know if i would be happy for you have OVERTLY promoted my blog or I would be anxious for you have just told the world that i don’t know much about facebook.:)) (The irony is that i actually know “tag” and other FB jargons, and another secret is that i know how to use an FB account, owing to the fact that my younger sister and i sometimes makes it or bonding moment to stalk her crushes online using her own FB account. Yes, friends, I know FB. I just choose not to have one. ;))

      Anyway, just like what my earlier comment says, using FB is indeed very useful and a very much wise use of resources, especially for this kinds of matters. 🙂

  5. Jet Tumang October 2, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    I love being tagged! Being tagged means being included with the web of information available online. It means a group of people that potentially has the same interests as you are recognizing your identity as someone that could be a part of their network. Although traditional push marketing is still prevalent online, I know that one day, more flexible advertising would be mainstream.

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