Where did you get that?

9 Jul

During a party, my friend asked me where did I get my yellow bag. I answered using one word. “Online.”

Two years ago, I was an avid online shopper and an “online window shopper” (online window shopper in my dictionary is just checking out new stuff online without the intention of really buying :P)

Ever since I had a Multiply account, I was exposed to different online shops and I was amazed how much items are sold online! From clothes to cars, from medicines to food and even from pets to toys! Of course, I had doubts whether I should buy the things that my heart desires or not and just online window shop. Hence, I share you my thoughts about online shopping or buying. 😛

Is the online seller a trusted seller? Is he/she a scammer? Are all the products in good quality? Are the products really the same in the pictures? These are the questions popping in our mind when we see an item, most probably an item that catches our heart for that matter :P, being sold online. We start to think if this item is worth a try in the new marketplace so we start to weigh the pros and cons of buying this precious item.

We could answer these questions just by doing a few clicks here and there. What better thing to do is to research!

There are a lot of cases of scamming here in our country, in the real word or in the virtual one. So, how would we know if the seller is worth our penny? I say, wear that detective hat and do background check on the seller. Scan his/her profile and read the feedback part of the site to see the comments from his/her customers. Pays to be nosy sometimes 😉

Be a smart shopper! Think a million times first before really buying the product. Try to visualize the items in the pictures and request actual shots of the products. Feel free to ask questions so as to enlighten yourself and help you finalize your decision on buying or not the items. Do not stay on one online shop, try to look for other online shops that sells the same item you are trying to buy. There are a lot of online shops right now, so compare qualities, stocks and prices! That is exactly the advantage of buying things online, one click and you get to see a whole universe (well, not really a universe of course :p) of online shops that sells the item you have been longing for. There are lots of stocks, colors, sizes and varieties to choose from! And, you get to compare prices from one online shop to another. Especially if you are buying a popular product, sellers will try to lower their prices so they could get more buyers 😉 Buying online also gives you time to think and reeeaaally think if you are going to buy the items as compared to buying it in the malls where you can get too emotional and buy the products just because.

I already forgot what my first online buy was but so for I have not been tricked or scammed. I do think that if you stay smart, buying online will do you no harm. In fact, if someone asks you where did you get that fabulous bag I bet you can proudly say that you got it ONLINE. (and through sleepless nights of researching haha!) 😀


3 Responses to “Where did you get that?”

  1. athousandfootnotes July 17, 2010 at 2:51 am #

    Wow, ONLINE—It’s the new mall, tiangge, ukay, or sari-sari store we enjoy right where we are! Right, Patti?

    It amazes me how the Internet puts together a world wide market to sell and buy products. Given all the websites and Net applications that allow us to post pictures of things for sale, promote our products, invite potential customers to buy, and transact business online, virtually anybody could be an entrepreneur. You need not be a business graduate or a trade expert. You can start your own business and earn online now! All it takes is minimum capital, Internet connection, and brilliant strategizing. I believe this is one way by which the Internet empowers its users. Online entrepreneurship equalizes business opportunities and levels the market for a fair collaboration and competition among people. 🙂

  2. heartsandsky July 22, 2010 at 5:00 am #

    This is an informative post equally entertaining, especially for people interested in online shopping. 🙂

    I’m proud that our generation can do so much with the Internet even while staying at home, sitting in front of the computer. Imagine, you can do shopping online while doing your homework, and chatting with a friend kilometers away from where you are! 🙂

    There are still a lot we can expect to do with the Internet. Maybe next time we could also do online eating? haha. ;D

  3. Jet Tumang October 2, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    I am still far from being accustomed to shopping online. For one, I have only done it once, and most of my online shopping experience include sites asking me for my credit card number/pin. But I do acknowledge the potential of online shopping. It saves time, not only in walking from your house to the mall, but also with the delivery of the items you order. I just hope that this would get incorporated in the Filipino Culture soon.

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