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Artwine’s new buzz! – social media release

28 Aug

Contact Information

Beam Mariano
+63917 4292684
02 556 4655

Artwine is now accepting orders for laptop cozy!

Artwine is now formally accepting orders for customized laptop cases.

Laptops can now be as personalized as ever with the laptop cases made from felt, cloth lining, foam and your design!
Just send an email with the following details:
* laptop dimensions
* preferred colors
* preferred pattern: stripes, polka dots, floral, plain

All about ARTWINE
– Artwine, founded in 2007, is an online store that crafts, designs, makes beautiful
accesories like pouches, shirts, patches, brooches, headbands, giveaways and now laptop cases from felt cloth.
– Artwine was started by a couple, Beam Mariano and Jason Confesora as a creative escape from their busy digital world. Both are graduates of MultiMedia Arts in DLS-CSB.
– Artwine is now managed by Beam, who takes care of the design and Hershey Chan who takes care of the business aspects. Jason is still active in Artwine as a design

From the Founder

We’ve heard “CUTE!” so many times already that I think we’re worthy of winning a sort of Guinness Record for Cutest Thing! I would like Artwine to be a source of joy to our customers and a spring of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs!”
– Beam


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Artwine – Social Media Release (in a more organized and creative way) 😛

Artwine's new buzz!


The case of the missing LC

11 Aug

I was about to sleep when I heard a rattling noise downstairs. The wind that night was howling and the rain just won’t stop. Electricity was down so I lit up a candle and carefully went downstairs to check on the noise.  I was walking slowly with my heart beating faster. The candle I was holding fell and so did my heart when I saw… Nah, save the suspense story for next time. We don’t really have a second floor so there’s no downstairs. 😛 But this next story is true. 🙂

I checked my phone credits last night (past midnight)  and it was not the remaining balance I was expecting. Hence, the case of the missing Load Credits. 😛 I called the customer service of my network  (which will be revealed later anyway) and apparently their customer service is up to 12 midnight only. The operator suggested me to go to and click on chat to get answers for my queries.

yes you can but…

So there I was facing the computer and chatting with globe err with Jacob (the name of the CS representative).

meet Jacob 😛

I told my dad that I was chatting with Globe and he said that I should be careful because there are a lot of predators online. I appreciate the concern daddy but they can’t actually do that because they have to portray a good brand image, even online, so as to have a good brand reputation. So anyway, Jacob asked me a lot of questions including what was the exact time I sent sms, the balance inquiry etc.,  and then he asked me to wait for two minutes to look for the information I needed.  Then he dropped THE word.

[00:44:10] Jacob: I’m sorry, Kaye, I could not retrieve the information you need right now as our system is currently unavailable. You may chat with us again tomorrow.
[00:44:27] Jacob: i mean later mam, this morning around 8-9am

So I said to him, after the long Q and A, your system is unavailable? and then later I will be asked again with a lot of questions. He said that he will be saving the information I gave him so the next agent would just have to refer to it. Then the session ended. A notification then asked me if I wanted to have a copy of the transcript of the conversation. It was sent to my email and that’s where I got THE word in verbatim. The session ended and the case of the missing LC was not solved through Globe CHAT assist.

I have expected a much faster conversation and solution to my concern but what I got was a lot of questions and no answer. And a transcript for, I don’t know, to savor the memory Jacob and I had? This was the first time I used GCA but it failed me too early. In all fairness, I appreciate Globe’s attempt to use another medium to assist and answer the concerns of their clients.  I called the customer service earlier this morning and she asked me a lot of questions again . Their use of the new social media for their customer service is a good start but it needs a little pimping to improve their service and to keep their promise that “We can help you!”

Customer service, in general, no matter what medium is used, should be quick and should really really answer the customer’s problem. The process or the company’s system for doing customer service is the one that  should always be developed.

In my dismay, up to now the case of the missing LC has not been solved.

*Updated: The missing LC was credited back to me. Yay! 😀

Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Idosing… Idos.. what???

4 Aug

There have been reports on kids getting high by using digital drugs. Yes, you’ve read it right. drugs, digital. Reports say that teens listen to a specific kind of music with just two tones. It is called two-toned or binaural sounds. Supposedly,  this kind of music will alter the brain waves and will put the idoser ( a person who uses idosing or digital drugs) into an altered state just like the effects of using cocaine, marijuana and the likes.

Apparently, this kid is getting high just with his headphones and binaural sounds. :O

There are actually a lot of videos in Youtube showing teens who idose. These videos may convince us that idosing will get people high since we get to see the supposed effects or acts that these beats can do. But wait!  According to an interview, a researcher claims that listening to binaural beats will not put a person into an altered state or will not give effects the cocaine and other drugs is giving.

Helane Wahbeh is an assistant professor at Oregon Health and Science University.

Dr. WAHBEH: We did a small controlled study with four people, and we did not see any brain wave activity shifting to match the binaural beat that people were listening to. I just don’t think that there is enough evidence showing that it really does create those altered states. (click the link for the complete interview)

So, yes this idosing thing is not  proven to get these kids high. Parents can now breathe in relief. 🙂

The victims, ( yes, victims, I’ll explain this later) are fooled and are fooling themselves. They are actually fooling themselves thinking that they are really getting high. Oh poor creatures. They are just victims of people who want to earn a lot of money by fooling other people. I found this site a person can actually buy binaural beats to achieve a certain state. I am not yet sure if these are really effective like they can actually make you quit smoking for example, but if we hold on to to Dr. Wahbeh’s statement, these beats, this idosing is a hoax.

Save your money and DO NOT add this to your cart!

I am not saying that we should be smart in buying drugs. Hell no! We should be smart. Period. Illegal drugs in general is a big NO-NO! Whether it can be bought online (if someone will still insist that there is idosing :P) or in your neighborhood, it will destroy you. So, as the Spice Girls song would say it, “Get your act together we could be just fine. 😀