Artwine’s new buzz! – social media release

28 Aug

Contact Information

Beam Mariano
+63917 4292684
02 556 4655

Artwine is now accepting orders for laptop cozy!

Artwine is now formally accepting orders for customized laptop cases.

Laptops can now be as personalized as ever with the laptop cases made from felt, cloth lining, foam and your design!
Just send an email with the following details:
* laptop dimensions
* preferred colors
* preferred pattern: stripes, polka dots, floral, plain

All about ARTWINE
– Artwine, founded in 2007, is an online store that crafts, designs, makes beautiful
accesories like pouches, shirts, patches, brooches, headbands, giveaways and now laptop cases from felt cloth.
– Artwine was started by a couple, Beam Mariano and Jason Confesora as a creative escape from their busy digital world. Both are graduates of MultiMedia Arts in DLS-CSB.
– Artwine is now managed by Beam, who takes care of the design and Hershey Chan who takes care of the business aspects. Jason is still active in Artwine as a design

From the Founder

We’ve heard “CUTE!” so many times already that I think we’re worthy of winning a sort of Guinness Record for Cutest Thing! I would like Artwine to be a source of joy to our customers and a spring of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs!”
– Beam


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Home Decor


Accesories (pouch)

Laptop case


Artwine's online abode

Link this article

Artwine – Social Media Release (in a more organized and creative way) 😛

Artwine's new buzz!


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