SC tries to be IN

22 Sep

A lot of our government departments and agencies are now going online to faster and better serve us and the Supreme Court didn’t let them to be the last to join the frenzy.

Chief Justice Renato Corona initiated the opening of Supreme Court’s two online accounts: Twitter (@KorteSuprema) and Facebook( Supreme Court of the Philippines). Objective of this action is to bring the Institution closer to the Filipinos. According to Court Administrator and spokesman Midas Marquez, the two social networking accounts will be regularly updated with the programs and recent happenings and events related to SC. Also, SC lets our countrymen to share our comments, opinions and complaints through these SNS accounts.

The Supreme Court already has their website where decisions, press releases and speeches of the chief justice are released.

“It’s to bring the Court closer to the people and give them real-time news updates on Supreme Court decisions, programs and projects. They’re free to do what they want to do. We take everything constructively.” said Marquez.

This action of the Supreme Court reminds of how the feedback mechanism works. Feedback is very important in any/every organization. This is to gain another perspective (more importantly the stakeholder’s perspective) on the happenings, recent programs or news of the organization. This also elicits conversation which is always wanted by a customer or consumer from the company. Feedback is very important in developing the current situation of an organization since the stakeholders can voice out the things they want to see, happen or get from the company. Though, it should not stop from getting feedback, the organizations must be able to act and manage them. Managing and choosing the feedback which needs to be concretized must be done so as to protect and better serve the company. After managing, the company then should be able to act on it fast so as to make the stakeholders feel that they are being valued and that their concerns/voices are heard.

The two new SNS accounts of the Supreme Court is a good start but they should be able to maintain it to continuously serve the people. Getting feedback from the people is nice but SC should be able to manage and act on it. We better keep an eye on it. SC, we are watching. 😛


As I was editing this entry, I searched for the twitter account of SC but twitter says,

looks like SC's having some maintenance problems :/

Uh-oh. We busted you too soon, SC.  Better act on it now and keep your promise of regular updates. 😐


3 Responses to “SC tries to be IN”

  1. melem1 October 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    This is a very bad start for SC. Netizens want real time action to their needs with their miniscule attention span further diminished by a fast-paced interactive medium.

    Quick action play a vital role in the success of any corporate attempt to seize the net landscape. And SC is doing it wrong.

    In other words… FAIL!

  2. Marj Casal October 2, 2010 at 12:15 pm #

    I wonder who managed their Twitter account. I haven’t bumped into a fairly young person from our neighbor, SC. Well, I guess that’s the reason why they took it down, the moderator might have been too confused on what or what not to Tweet. The oldies are way to uptight and always careful not to let go of words that would do them harm eventually. So maybe the idea of letting the people know about SC’s activities, suddenly alarmed them. Poor, poor citizens from the stone age.

  3. Jet Tumang October 2, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    I think wanting to have feedback isn’t really a good way of getting close to the Filipinos. Also, I doubt that using a twitter account to represent an organization is realistically possible. I think the problem is that the organization isn’t really a person. These microblogging mechanisms are best suited for real people. I think the best way to make use of microblogging is using real people that are authorized to represent an organization. An organization should not rely on just one account, but they should rely onto several accounts of real employees that they authorized to represent their organization.

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