Let’s get physical…online!

23 Sep

I am not a health-conscious person. I don’t have the healthiest diet or lifestyle. But we can live a healthier life through (nope, I’m not promoting any product here :P) pinoyhighblood.com!

I came across this website while reading the newspaper and it inspired me to write a blog entry for it. I actually find the name of the website interesting because it made me think if highblood has different nationalities. 😛 It kind of wow-ed me also because Pinoys are sort of uniting to fight highblood! \m/

Pinoyhighblood.com is Pinoy’s knowledge resource about highblood pressure and we must take note that it is an online resource! It is the first website on hypertension for Filipinos. It gives us the facts about hypertension, how to prevent it, how to treat it and a whole lot more. The website actually offers a lot, like:

A quiz to determine your risk of having hypertension.

Care to share your score?

Blogs and articles about high blood pressure.

Some meaty articles. 😀

Updates and events.

To keep us updated. 🙂

Newsletter which we can subscribe to.

Hit that sumit button!

An online record of your blood pressure.

This is just so cool. 😀

A link to Philippine Heart Association Forum.

And of course a link to its Facebook account.

I love the people who put up this website because definitely they made learning about hypertension less boring and serious and made it easy and interactive instead. They absolutely saw the need to reinvent the medium to communicate serious messages like this especially during these times when everyone goes to the World Wide Web for almost everything. They just had to take advantage of it to be able to help our countrymen. Using the Internet to inform people about serious stuff should be done strategically to achieve great effects. Websites must be designed appropriately and messages should be crafted targeted to its audience. Also, the thing about maintaining a website must always be kept in mind.

Learning about hypertension, and hopefully about other stuff as well, is now made easy and less technical. Even I had fun in exploring pinoyhighblood.com. 😀

“It is important that we take advantage of the power of the latest technology like the Internet to be able to reach out to Filipino patients here and abroad,” Reynaldo Neri said, chairman of the PHA- Council on Hypertension.

This statement just makes me happy knowing that other people also see the value of Internet. I just really wish that more websites like this and more mindset like Neri’s would come out to help give better lives for those in need. 🙂


One Response to “Let’s get physical…online!”

  1. strawberrysheepcake October 2, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    i find this entry very interesting. Over and over again, we tell ourselves to take advantage of technology and use it to suit our needs. Using the internet in keeping a record of a person’s health is just fantastic.
    Whoever created that site for measuring hypertension possibilities is just amazing. With that, people from all over the world, whenever and wherever, could be able to use whatever is shared there. This should serve as a reminder to us that the internet is not just about fad, rather, its about personally helpful and enriching stuff as well.

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