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Make or Break

25 Sep

This is my make or break entry. Mainly because of two reasons: 1) either I make it and finish this on time or not.. (looks at the clock) and 2) if I will still continue keeping this blog or not.

Hmm I suggest we discuss the second reason. This is my first ever blog because I do not count Multiply Blog feature as a serious blog platform. This is also my first set of serious ( I believe) blog entries. Most of my entries in Multiply are products of bandwagon and my young mind. I actually said to myself when I created this account that I will not continue this after the semester ends. But I am definitely open for the possibility of maintaining it. WordPress is the only blog site  I am comfortable in using and if ever there are note-worthy (translates to blog-worthy) thoughts in my head, I can easily type them away. Also, I believe that I cannot maintain any sort of diary. My diary usually lasts from six months to a year so it would be nice if I can maintain an online diary (oh yes, privacy settings will be very much customized for my dangerous posts :P). Blogging actually helps me express myself in a more organized manner (which I assume I have to credit to my blogging once a week supposedly :P). Writing blog entries also informed me of some topics I would not learn just by curiosity. It opened me the world of new social media which is very much helpful to learn about because I will be soon joining an organization which, according to statistics, might be taking social media seriously thus be needing my knowledge on it. Also, statistics shows that majority of a population is now wired and connected to the Internet. Might as well join the club and contribute to online trash. Kidding! 😛  Seriously, with the mature mind I have now (translates to right at this moment which may change minutes after :P), I’m thinking of developing my online imprint, my mark in the WWW. Awww.

Make it or break it, I can proudly say that blogging provided me with learning  that I may not learn in the four walls of our classroom. This has affected my lifestyle and I would like to believe that it influenced me in a good way. Though I might be cursing everytime I remember my backlogs (which are now zero :D), I admit that I feel great after hitting that publish button (specifically for 16 times as of the moment). It depends on my sleep tonight or on my mood or on my parent’s decision to buy me a laptop (translates to a lot of factors) if I will be hitting that Publish button again. Haha! 😀

See you when I see you! 😀


hergameplay.wordpress.com does not exist.

22 Jul

NO, not really but if I am living in China, this might be the case.

A number of blogs have been suddenly shut down by the Chinese government recently.  According to The Associated Press, this is the government’s way to control social networking and information flow. But why? :-/

Always guarded by walls

There's another one! but it's not really the bulky, thick type.

Some of the blogs and microblogs that have been closed are from outspoken people who share their thoughts on sensitive issues. Government officials said that these issues might go out of hand because of the growing number of Chinese Internet (especially those who use social networking sites) users.  China has around 420 million Internet users as of now. The republic has been known for its keen eye on filtering and monitoring the Internet to protect its citizens from “harmful” information. As for their definition of “harmful”, I have no idea what their criteria are.I have read though that Internet content providers need to follow the government’s guidebook and make sure that all information on the Internet available in China is good and safe for the Chinese. Last year, the country has removed Twitter and Facebook from their system. According to Xiao Qiang, director of the China Internet Project at the University of California-Berkeley, microblogs stir up quite critical opinion from the citizens which scares the officials if we add to that the speedy and far-fetched features of microblogs. Scared much? 😛

No sweet escape?

Gwen Stefani will be happy if there is. 😀

Oh we can never be sure when it comes to controlling THE Internet. Even though the Chinese government can filter all the search engines and blog sites, THERE ARE STILL WAYS TO GET THROUGH THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA (of course, we’re speaking of the virtual wall: P). According to Wang Chen, director of the State Council Information Office, “As long as our country’s Internet is linked to the global Internet, there will be channels and means for all sorts of harmful foreign information to appear on our domestic Internet.” See, we can never detach ourselves from the Internet, from the mighty global Internet. And people can still access  information including the “harmful” types by using a different proxy servers or private networks. With the ever advancement of  technology and even if a great wall tries to block, The Internet will always be one step ahead of us.

The wall looks like a bubble.

To blow or to pop?

Seriously.  It reminds me of the movie, Bubble Boy, where a boy was born without an immune system thus must stay in a bubble to protect him from contamination. The Chinese government is trying to put the country in a bubble to protect it from “harmful” information that might contaminate the Chinese people’s minds. In the movie, something or rather someone (chloe, err the girl he loves ;)) urged the bubble boy to get out of his bubble. In China’s case, there will always be a pressure from the other side of the wall. Something will make the Chinese people to get out of the bubble, perhaps a realization that  their freedom for expression is under attack? Maybe, but we are still far from the ending and must take our seats and wait for the bubble to burst or for the wall to crumble. 😉

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