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A whole new world…

25 Sep

the world wide web is. And, Disney was able to see it and actually use it to promote their new campaign. Story here.

“Let the Memories Begin” is their recent campaign in which families and friends can post their photos and videos using social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Youtube. Disney then will collect these and give people the opportunity to re-live their holiday memories in Disneyland. As to how, we have to wait and see but this sounds exciting and cool. Right? 😀

Currently, photos are also displayed in Disney World, Orlando.

I actually applaud Disney for seeing the advantages of social media to their company. It is actually a fact that not all companies are comfortable in using the new technology and the Internet in their projects. Even though we think that the Internet is in full bloom now, there are still people (even organizations) who choose not to use it. This is a fact that some of us tend to forget. Although it seems that the world is smaller now and everyone is connected with everybody, there is still a minor percentage of people who are unwired and not connected to the WWW.

In our region, only 50% use social media platforms.

See full presentation (which means interesting statistics) here.

This only implies that when we have a plan in mind, we should identify and profile the audience. Social media is good but we should be able to use it in a way that it will help us and not give us headache.

If you own a company, would you use new social media for your projects? I will be happy to discuss our answers. 😀