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Make or Break

25 Sep

This is my make or break entry. Mainly because of two reasons: 1) either I make it and finish this on time or not.. (looks at the clock) and 2) if I will still continue keeping this blog or not.

Hmm I suggest we discuss the second reason. This is my first ever blog because I do not count Multiply Blog feature as a serious blog platform. This is also my first set of serious ( I believe) blog entries. Most of my entries in Multiply are products of bandwagon and my young mind. I actually said to myself when I created this account that I will not continue this after the semester ends. But I am definitely open for the possibility of maintaining it. WordPress is the only blog site  I am comfortable in using and if ever there are note-worthy (translates to blog-worthy) thoughts in my head, I can easily type them away. Also, I believe that I cannot maintain any sort of diary. My diary usually lasts from six months to a year so it would be nice if I can maintain an online diary (oh yes, privacy settings will be very much customized for my dangerous posts :P). Blogging actually helps me express myself in a more organized manner (which I assume I have to credit to my blogging once a week supposedly :P). Writing blog entries also informed me of some topics I would not learn just by curiosity. It opened me the world of new social media which is very much helpful to learn about because I will be soon joining an organization which, according to statistics, might be taking social media seriously thus be needing my knowledge on it. Also, statistics shows that majority of a population is now wired and connected to the Internet. Might as well join the club and contribute to online trash. Kidding! 😛  Seriously, with the mature mind I have now (translates to right at this moment which may change minutes after :P), I’m thinking of developing my online imprint, my mark in the WWW. Awww.

Make it or break it, I can proudly say that blogging provided me with learning  that I may not learn in the four walls of our classroom. This has affected my lifestyle and I would like to believe that it influenced me in a good way. Though I might be cursing everytime I remember my backlogs (which are now zero :D), I admit that I feel great after hitting that publish button (specifically for 16 times as of the moment). It depends on my sleep tonight or on my mood or on my parent’s decision to buy me a laptop (translates to a lot of factors) if I will be hitting that Publish button again. Haha! 😀

See you when I see you! 😀