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That girl with the 21,000 RSVP

24 Sep

This is not really an alarming case if that girl is really rich, famous and is throwing a really big, big party. But obviously, this is not the case. This is actually a case of stupidity, well a minor case of stupidity. 😛

See that? PUBLIC EVENT. 😐

Facebook events are not set to private by default. Sadly this is not known by the 15 year old Rebecca Javeleau. She forgot to tick that private box. Apparently, that small tick will create a huge rage. Literally, people were raging to find that girl’s house and crash her 15th birthday party.

Here’s the story. She created an event in her Facebook account and invited around 15 friends to her party. She included their home address but she forgot to make the event PRIVATE. Again, this is some case of forgotten/misunderstood privacy settings. Since her event was public, the public thought that they were very much welcome to attend. Hence the 21,000 RSVP. Rebecca’s mother prohibited her daughter from using the computer and the Internet and even had her cellphone number changed. The party was cancelled too for the fear of 21,000 strangers crashing in their sweet little home. There are also some “A-list stars” who said “I’m attending” to her event like Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, Susan Boyle etc. The mother also sought help from the police to control the crowd that might still come to their house on October 7. Police can really help them since other events were also created which are very alarming like a fan page “I Was Part Of The 7.10.10 FB takeover of Rebecca Javeleau’s Flat Party” which has more than 250 fans.

In this kind of situation, an Internet user must be very knowledgeable in using it since almost all websites are open to the public. Although the kid’s mother said that Facebook could’ve helped them control the guest list, Facebook, for me, has no fault in this because it is clear that Facebook is set to public by default and there are also privacy settings which a user can customize.

That girl learned her lesson, to manage your privacy settings, the hard way. Good luck to your sweet sixteen! 😛

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