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Hello Jumo!

25 Sep

It was year 2007 when the co-founder of Facebook decided to leave the now successful SNS and work for the now president of America.

Meet our friend, Chris Hughes.

The man right above, Chris Hughes, was assigned to help Obama’s campaign through new social media. Obviously, we now know the result of online campaign of President Obama.

2010, Chris built a new social networking site called JUMO.

Coming soon!

Jumo, apparently is a “social network to connect people who want to change the world.”

According to an interview with Chris, he wanted to use the Internet in a more meaningful way to facilitate action for the betterment of our world.

“We’re missing a fundamentally important technology that connects passionate people to the right organizations working for global change in a sustainable, long-term, and results-oriented way. That’s the gap that I want to fill,” said Chris.

He will fill that gap through Jumo which will unite all change makers in one SNS. Here we are again with a new social networking site, what’s next? I just wish that Jumo will achieve its purpose and wouldn’t be like another fad people will join in.

Jumo, or the use of social media for promoting common good and social , has been proven to initiate the “talking” about the issues or challenges we are facing but do online social groups take the talk to the real world? Do they take real action beyond those computers? I certainly hope that this Jumo or the next online social tool will facilitate action that will really help the world, the REAL world.

Online organizing starts with the message just like a conversation. People have to understand the cause of the project and the organizers must be able to reach the target audience and send the key message through a medium where action will be generated. There are many efforts to help the earth or change the world but what must we engage in is a project, no matter what medium, that will sustainably generate action from the people. We must be able to invest in good projects and use strategically the technology we have now to offer good for the greater people or hopefully, for our planet.

I hope Jumo understand this. 😛 Have you visited it already? Tell me what you think friends. 🙂